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Melting Clock

self production
for Studio Wallaby

The SALVADOR clock is a modern take on Dali's famous melted clock, featuring a simple and sleek design that combines functionality with style.

The project began in March 2020, during the initial lockdown when many people worldwide felt time was slowing down. Inspired by the idea of liquid, melted time, the SALVADOR clock was born.

Crafted from high-quality, lightweight aluminum, the clock offers two finishing options: a matte black powder coating with classic gold hands, or brushed natural aluminum with black hands. These materials were chosen to give the clock a slim and contemporary appearance.A quiet clock mechanism was selected to enhance the sense of time moving at a leisurely pace, echoing the slowed-down feeling experienced during the lockdown.

The clock has been honored with the prestigious Bronze A’ Design Award 2022 in the category of Furniture, Decorative Items, and Homeware Design.


292X120X62 mm / 11.5X 4.7X2.4 Inches

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