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About the designer

Shelly Agronin graduated from Industrial Design department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem (2004). Since then she has been working for leading design studios and developed wide range of products for companies in Israel and abroad.

Her passion is to shift an average object through design and to create fascinating experiences that connect emotionally. Shapes, technologies, and styling appeal to her. From this alchemy comes her creativity, and the ability to provide smart solutions. 

Throughout her career, she worked on cross-disciplinary teams, with engineers, graphic designers, and marketing teams in a wide range of categories: from consumer electronics to jewelry; from mass production consumer plastic items to niche one offs, from idea to product.


Shelly’s favorite technology in the last decade was metal bending. Even after the development of hundreds of products, the process of transition from two-dimensional layout to a three-dimensional product amazed her every time a new. Through Wallaby's folding products she wants to share this experience with her customers.

Happily married and raising 3 daughters.

Shelly Agronin owner of Wallaby

About Wallaby

Wallaby is a brand of a contemporary home décor Inspired by the origami art.


Most Wallaby products are sold flat and will be folded by the customer. The folding can be accomplished by following simple instructions or just by using your imagination, which in the end creates a unique product.

No tools are necessary for folding the 2D piece.


Benefits for folding products:

•The customer takes part in creating and designing the object.

•For  travelers: an original gift that takes up virtually no space in a hand bag.

•Takes minimal space in a store/warehouse.

•Eco friendly and low cost shipping.


All Wallaby products are made in Israel from high quality metal materials with manual finishing.

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