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Family Figurines

self production
for Studio Wallaby

The majestic elephant, renowned for its strength and intelligence, holds a significant place in cultural symbolism, representing good fortune, wisdom, and familial abundance. This sculpture, comprising two geometric elephants, was designed as a family talisman, believed to usher in serenity, peace, stability, and happiness.

These metal origami figurines arrive flat and can be easily folded into their intended designs by you, resulting in an interactive and aesthetically pleasing work of art. No tools are necessary. When you shape the metal into these elephant figures, it's like making a wish. May your wishes come true.


BIG 150X85X110 mm / 5.9X 3.5X4.6 Inches

SMALL 120X60X70 mm / 4.8X 2.5X3.7 Inches

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