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Infuser Beverage Dispenser

for Resseto Serving Solutions

The Lucid Prism dispenser was designed for high-end hospitality services that pamper their guests with boutique beverages made by chefs. The dispenser's geometry allows for efficient usage of exceptional beverages, along with ease of cleaning and refilling. 

The challenge was to create a totally new design, that will not resemble any other existing beverage dispenser in the drink stations market. However, the new item should be still easily recognizable as a beverage dispenser.

The product was inspired by the geometry and a magic of prism - a transparent pyramid that turns light rays into a colorful rainbow. Just like a prism is filled up with a splendid array of colors, the dispenser is filled up with an abundance of amazing drinks.


13.25 x 13 x 22.25 IN, 33.66 x 33 x 56.52 CM

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