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Water Cooler

in collaboration with IGLOO
for Eden Springs

Eden Springs, Europe's leading supplier of drinking water solutions for workplaces, has launched a new water cooler that sets a new standard for functionality, style, and energy consumption in the business water dispenser market.

Eden's new water cooler, Smile, is designed to be the most user-friendly and environmentally friendly on the market. The new model has a slim and stylish appearance, uses 30 percent less energy than traditional coolers, and provides both hot and cold water. Smile has an LCD screen, built-in cup holder, and electronic taps placed in a higher, more practical position.

Environmental sustainability has been an important focus for Eden Springs in the development of the new water cooler. As a result, the Smile series features a programmable weekly clock with three "Eco" options that enable customers to schedule settings to suit their needs at different times throughout the workweek. This ensures that the cooler works in the most efficient way at all times, and at the same time saves electricity when it is not needed.

The cooler is flexible when it comes to water supply and can be used as a bottle-fed or POU (point-of-use) system, making it easy for Eden to adapt the new series to customers' varying needs.

Smile has also been developed to meet the highest requirements for safety and hygiene. It has removable elements that make it easy to clean, as well as electronic hidden faucets.

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