This geometric metal-origami character is an amazing gift which will be treasured forever.
Crafted in brushed aluminum, it symbolizes the charismatic and innovative qualities of those born under the year of the Rat.

The RAT is sold in a flat state that will be folded by the customer. No tools are necessary for folding.

Zodiac Rat - Symbol of New Year 2020

SKU: rat-al-34
  • Flat state size: 270X135X1.5 mm / 10.5X5.3X0.05 Inches
    Folded RAT size: 235X65X76 mm/ 9X2.5X3 Inches

    Material: brushed aluminum with handmade finish (All Wallabies are hand-finished. Therefore, minute finishing differences between products may occur.

    Cleaning: Wallaby products are made of uncoated natural metals. Therefore, and like other metals, they might tarnish over time. It’s a natural process. To remove tarnish or fingerprints, use a regular dish soap or an aluminum cleaners only.

    When using a new cleaner, please test it on a small, inconspicuous area first.
    After every cleaning, dry the product with soft clean towel. Moisture can cause rust! For indoor use only.

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