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Alongside creating our own designs, we work with clients around the world to create personalized products, often to give as unique corporate gifts, as promotional merchandise, or send as special; event gifts.

We can help design a fully customized item that is branded with bespoke artwork logos or any brand requirements. 


We suggest the full range of services including design and development, branding, production, packaging, and worldwide shipping.

If you're interested in creating your unique bespoke meaningful item, you are welcome to email us with any questions.

Bespoke  Memo Notes Holder for Mobileye

At the end of 2021, we were asked to design an exclusive corporate gift for Mobileye, inspired by the shape of Mobileye's chip.

We were responsible for all the processes from the development, through the production, and to shipping.

Inspiration mobilie.jpg
business corporate personalised  gift
corporate personalized memo notes holder
exclusive corporate gift for Mobileye, inspired by the shape of Mobileye's chip
branded custom made gift for Mobileye.jpg
Custom Branded Bull Figurine for Goldwind

We were commissioned by a global leader of a clean energy company in USA to produce a branded bull figurine to be used as a New Year promotional gift for their clients.

Our flat figurine was sent to the client in an envelope, making the shipping easy and inexpensive. 

Bespoke corporate gift figurine
Custom Branded Bull Figurine corporate gift
Custom Branded Clock for  Next125

Customized,  New Year gift for interior designers working with kitchen furniture brand - Next125.

Next125 looked for an unusual meaningful gift that will be appreciated by designers and will be treasured for a long time.

 מתנה עסקית יוקרתית ממותגת מעוצבת
מתנה ממותגת ללקוחות
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